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Our Vision

We find that clients want to stay engaged with us after we have sold or installed a product. That means that service and maintenance of our top-quality products has become a positive development for Delta. Clients appreciate our efforts to build lasting support structures for them. We are proud of the ongoing relationships we have built with commercial and domestic clients, and always look for ways to improve the service we offer.

Relying on the right people

For 50 years, our business has grown steadily and sustainably. One vital reason for this is because we always try to recruit the right people. We invest heavily in training our carefully chosen staff, because we know that great people can help build a fine business.

We have found this is true about our people in times of prosperity and recession. Our trusted people are at the heart of the business, and they are all totally dedicated to you as a customer. It's a matter of pride that we choose to rely only on our own fully trained, in-house staff, rather than sub-contractors. This ensures peace of mind and confidentiality for clients, and means we are sure to offer the highest standards.

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